Packages aren’t your thing? No problem! Try our a la carte menu! Simply start with
our all-star package and we can help customize your event the way you choose.

Uplighting $500

These will really impress you and your guests. Strategically placed lighting fixtures on the floor facing up. A very effective way to dramatically improve the look and ambience of any venue while adding that “WOW” factor.

TV DJ Workstation $500

This eye-catching set up provides an elegant and professional look that is an amazing centerpiece to the dancefloor. Your guests will be blown away with a custom-made monogram displayed on the TV screen while they dance the night away!

Upgraded Lighting $500

If you would like the nightclub experience of lighting, then this is for you!

Personalized Monogram $400

Think “name in lights” and mesmerize your guests with a custom-made monogram projected on the dancefloor or on a wall. We use a powerful high definition projector to achieve this elegant look.

Ceremony Audio Coverage $400

Up to one hour of background and entrance music with a microphone for the officiant. Also, your guests will be able to hear the ceremony in areas where there is no electricity.

Overtime Rate $350 per/hr.

When you want to keep the party going.

Custom Song Editing $200

Are you planning on performing a surprise dance for your family and friends? We can custom edit your pick of a few songs that will sure get your guests up and cheering you on!

Digital Photo Booth $600

An open or enclosed photo booth will add another level of fun for you and your guests. Plenty of shenanigans are definite!

Digital photo booth extras
  • Overtime $150 per/hr.   When you just can’t get enough!
  • Black Led Inflatable cube enclosure $100   For that “WOW” factor, All your guests will see this elegant enclosure and have so much fun inside! It measures 8 feet all around with built-in led lighting and sets up within minutes indoors or outdoors.
  • Special order backdrop $150 A zillion Examples in the Digital Photo Booth section.