Packages aren’t your thing? No problem! Try our a la carte menu! Simply start with
our all-star package and we can help customize your event the way you choose.


These will really impress you and your guests. Strategically placed lighting fixtures on the floor facing up. A very effective way to dramatically improve the look and ambience of any venue while adding that “WOW” factor.

TV DJ Workstation

This eye-catching set up provides an elegant and professional look that is an amazing centerpiece to the dancefloor. Your guests will be blown away with a custom-made monogram displayed on the TV screen while they dance the night away!

Intelligent Lighting

Photographer friendly dancefloor lighting that will not interfere with the quality of the images being caught by your photographer. Let’s face it, you want the best photos from your event!

Personalized Monogram

Think “name in lights” and mesmerize your guests with a custom-made monogram projected on the dancefloor or on a wall. We use a powerful high definition projector to achieve this elegant look.

Ceremony Audio Coverage

Up to one hour of background and entrance music for the wedding ceremony with an included microphone for the officiant. Also, your guests will be able to hear the ceremony in areas where there is no electricity.


When you want to keep the party going.

Subwoofer Speakers

Need that extra boom? Subwoofers provide that extra level of sound and also act as a dancefloor magnet.

Extra Wireless Microphone

Having family or close friends present a special speech they are working on?  We have you covered with a crisp, clear wireless microphone. No mic drops please!

Custom Song Editing

Are you planning on performing a surprise dance for your family and friends?  We can custom edit your pick of a few songs that will sure to get your guests up and cheering you on!

Photo Booth

An open or enclosed photo booth will add another level of fun for you and your guest’s. Plenty of shenanigans are definite!

À La Carte options ranging from: $200 – $900